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    印度的真實面貌能說清楚嗎?  印度女性最受壓迫印度是全球「強暴首都」?         


    What is the truth of India and its women? Are Indian women the most oppressed in the world? Is India the rape capital of the world?                                               

     Taking its cue from the Indian women’s movement, and speaking as an activist within the movement, but also as a businesswoman, an entrepreneur and a writer, Urvashi Butalia will try to examine and present the multiple truths of Indian women, taking the stance that there can never be a single story.

    活動時間:2018325 14:00~15:30

       (Venue):台灣金融研訓院2樓菁業堂     (台北市羅斯福路三段622)

        Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (2F, No.62, Sec.3, Roosevelt Road, Taipei)


       (Speaker)烏爾瓦西布塔莉雅  Urvashi Butalia

    作家、女權運動者、獨立出版社Kali for Women共同創辦人

    Writer, Publisher, Activist, and Co-founder of Kali for Women


    主持人(Moderator)鍾適芳 Shefong Chung


    Associate Professor, College of Communication, the National Cheng-chi University, and Founder of Trees Music and Art


     全程英語 不備翻譯   ENGLISH ONLY


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