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    會議主題 Conference Theme


    Language, Identity, Literacy, and L2 Learning and Teaching: Innovation and Challenges


    TimeMarch 16-17, 2018


    1.      語言認同與第二語言學習(Learner identity and L2 learning)

    2.      培育第二語言讀寫素養(Developing L2 Literacy)

    3.      第二語言革新教學:教學策略、政策與挑戰(Innovation in L2 Teaching: Strategies, Policies, and Challenges)

    4.      電腦科技在語言教育的應用與成效(Digital Language Learning and Teaching: Implementation and Effectiveness)

    5.      全球化及國際教育(Globalization and International Education)

    6.      跨文化溝通能力與其發展(Intercultural Communication Competence and Its Development)

    7.      英語為全球通用語及跨文化溝通 (English as Lingua Franca and Intercultural Communication)

    8.      篇章分析 (Discourse and Genre Analysis)

    9.      海外遊學語言習得及多語言認同(Study Abroad, Language Acquisition and Multilingual Identity)

    10.  其他 Other themes related to language studies and culture


    Plenary Speeches

    David Carless, Professor, Division of English Language Education, The University of Hong Kong: “Peer feedback in second language writing: potentials and challenges”


    Jette Hansen Edwards, Professor of the English Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong: “Individual difference in second language pronunciation attainment


    Andy Kirkpatrick, Professor in linguistics, School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science, Nathan campus, Griffith University: “An ELF-aware Approach to English Language Teaching”


    Bonny Norton, Professor, Professor & Distinguished University Scholar, Departmentof Language & Literacy Education, University of British Columbia:“Identity, Literacy, and Language Learning in a Digital World”


    Wenli Tsou, Professor of Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Cheng Kung University: “Content and Language Integrated Learning for Primary Education in Taiwan”


    Wuchang Chang, Professor of Department of Applied English, Ming Chuan University: “Issues on Promoting English as Taiwan’s Second Official Language”




    Professor Jette Hansen Edwards: “A Multimodal and Multisensory Approach to Teaching English Pronunciation”


    Book Fair

    2-day book fair



    1.      Proceedings

    2.      Papers on application of English will be considered for review and published by the Journal of Applied English



    Conference Convener: Dr. Chris Liu

    Conference Organizer: Dr. Lilie Tsay, Dr. Vincent Chang

    Contact person: Irene Hung (mcuaeic@gmail.com)

    Tel: 886-3 350-7001 ext. 3211~3 Fax: 886-3-359-3870 Website: http://web.dae.mcu.edu.tw