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On Campus Resources

    Please see below for the list of on campus resources.




    Language Center

     The Language Center (LC), established in 1972, is currently a part of the Department of Applied Linguistics and Language Studies at Chung Yuan Christian University; the Center is in charge of offering foreign language courses to both undergraduate and graduate students at CYCU.

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    Library- Resources for Online Language Learning

     CYCU library provides various services to students and faculty. For instance, students can use resources for foreign languages learning and attend research workshops.

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    Happy Learning Garden

     The Happy Learning Garden is located on the 2nd floor of Chen Chih Hall. It was built in 2014 and opened for students and faculty on November 6, 2014. It provides space for group discussions, self-learning, exhibitions and so on.

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    Counseling Center

    The Counseling Center offers counseling, self-help resources, private care and workshops to help students better understand how to manage their own emotions through a variety of methods.

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    Career Service Center

    The Career Service Center offers job opportunity information, career workshops, business field visits and career counseling with the aim of giving students tools to be more competitive.

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    Human Resources Network

    The Human Resources Network is a platform for students and alumni searching for job openings online.

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    Continuing Education Center

    The Continuing Education Center offers a variety of educational courses to meet the ongoing educational needs of learners.

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    i-Learning is an asynchronous distance learning online platform. It supports and enriches educational procedures by providing:

      Constant access to educational resources (notes, books, presentations etc.)

      Direct communication between students and teachers

      Embedding of educational video resources

     i-Learning aims to provide teachers and students with an efficient learning environment.

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    Library- Database of Scholarly Information Resources

    Library will hold workshops on databases irregularly scheduled.

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