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【Call for Paper】《International Journal of Foreign Languages, Volume 17》Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Jin Wen University of Science and Technology


    The International Journal of Foreign Languages (IJFL) plays an important role in providing a forum for researchers and practitioners to share leading-edge knowledge relevant to bilingual education. The International Journal of Foreign Languages(IJFL) has been published once a year by the Department of Applied Foreign Languages at Jin Wen University of Science and Technology in New Taipei City, Taiwan (ROC). With the extraordinary academic papers of previous several versions written by the erudite scholars and teachers with expertise, IJFL has enjoyed a well-known reputation. Also, The International Journal of Foreign Languages (IJFL), an academy’s journal, is a double-blind, peer-reviewed academic journal publishing high quality conceptual and empirical articles in the fields of bilingual education and related disciplines. The journal will publish research and applied articles from all areas of bilingual education (Chinese/English/Japanese). The journal will also consider a variety of methodological approaches. IJFL encourages manuscript submissions from authors, from academia, practice, and industry. To submit a manuscript for publication consideration, please see the following instructions.



    The International Journal of Foreign Languages, JUST(IJFL, JUST)is an international journal aiming to promote the understanding of the subjects listed below, to provide an academic forum for discussion and debate as well as to stress the critical importance of bilingual education. The scope of JIFL is multidisciplinary; topics covered in this journal include, but are definitely not limited to, the following areas.

    1. Theory/Practice of English/Japanese Literature, Linguistics and English/Japanese.

    2. English/Japanese Teaching & Training of Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening

    3. Teaching & Practice of Chinese-English Translation

    4. Theory/Practice of English/Japanese for Specific Purposes such as sightseeing business, hotel management, etc.

    5. Education Planning, Education Philosophy, Education Practice related to the fields of humanities, art, business, computer science, and so on.

    6. Teaching & Learning: Programs, Methods, Theory and Practice

    7. Other areas: curriculum planning, ability-grouping, remedial teaching, teacher training, freshman English/Japanese oral-aural training, English /Japanese proficiency tests, etc.



    Published by the Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Jin Wen University of Science and Technology (JUST), New Taipei City, Taiwan (ROC)


    Submission Guidelines

    (I) Important Dates

    1. Full paper due: May15 (Monday) 2017

    2. Full paper acceptance notification: June, 9 (Friday), 2017

    3. Revised full paper due: June30 (Friday), 2017

    4. Journal publishing date: July31 (Monday), 2017


    (II) Requirement

    All entities are welcome to submit papers. By submitting a manuscript for publication, authors must sign a statement attesting that the submitted manuscript has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. Each submission must include complete text, graphics, charts, and references. All submissions are subject to a two person blind peer review process. Authors are responsible for proofreading the typeset materials and for the accuracy of the final edited version.


    (III) Author Background

    Each submission should include the author’s name(s), professional title(s), working place(s), address(es), e-mailaddress(es), and telephone number(s) with three hard copies. Upon acceptance, the author(s) must submit two hard copies of final printed version and mails an exact copy in Microsoft Word 2003, and/or 2007. Papers submitted earlier will be reviewed immediately and participants will be notified as soon as possible.


    For details about the FORMAT of paper, please see the attachment.


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