【Call for Paper】《Foreign Language Studies Vol.35》the College of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Chengchi University

Foreign Language Studies is an international journal published by the College of Foreign Languages and Literature at National Chengchi University (NCCU). Foreign Language Studies has been awarded a third-tier ranking journal in the 2019 Evaluation of Taiwan Humanities and Social Sciences Journals and the Collection of Core Journals.

The journal regularly publishes original studies in the fields of literature, linguistics, language teaching and cultural studies. We publish biannually in June and December.

We welcome submissions in traditional Chinese and any other languages. Authors writing in simplified Chinese should convert the language of their submissions accordingly. Authors are advised to consult the style sheet of this journal when preparing their manuscripts for submission.

This journal also welcomes book reviews and research notes. Book reviews comment on academic books published either in Taiwan or abroad. Research notes discuss specific topics or research methods. Book reviews and research notes should not exceed 3,000 words. This journal also accepts invited submissions. Each issue can accept at most one invited submission of book review or research notes.

Submissions are welcome all year round. All submissions will shortly be peer-reviewed. Authors must sign the ‘Foreign Language Studies Contributor’s Declaration Form’ and indicate that the manuscript has not been published elsewhere. The manuscript should not contain any self-identifying references. Submitted papers are reviewed by at least two independent reviewers. Both reviewers and author(s) remain anonymous throughout the double-blind review process. An accepted submission should be formatted by the author(s) according to our style sheet.

Foreign Language Studies reserves the right to decide in which issue an accepted manuscript will be published. Authors will receive one hard copy of their published work and an electronic version of the issue containing their work. We do not offer any monetary rewards to authors.


For more information, please visit: https://www.flstudies.org/en/submission-guidenlines.html



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