From Fall Semester, Academic Year 110, graduate students must obtain the required approval standard for the “Academic Integrity Program” before apply for the degree examination.

Graduation Threshold

M.A. Students should make sure he or she fulfills ONE of the following requirements  BEFORE  he or she applies for thesis oral defense:

Requirement I.

Students should submit their certificate of TOEIC 800, GEPT High-Intermediate level 2nd stage, TOEFL iBT 79 or IELTS 6.5.

Requirement II.

  1. Students should submit their certificate of TOEIC 750, GEPT High-Intermediate level 1st stage or IELTS 6.0.
  2. Students should submit at least ONE peer-reviewed academic / journal article examined by the conference.

Requirement III.

  1. Students should submit their certificate of TOEIC 700 or GEPT Intermediate level 2nd stage.
  2. Students should submit at least TWO peer-reviewed academic / journal articles examined by the conference.

The following requirements must be obtained before a graduate student applies for the degree examination.

Submitting at least ONE letter of acceptance from a peer-reviewed conference or journal. A conference presentation certificate should be provided when a conference is organized by institutions other than CYCU. 

From Fall Semester, Academic Year 110, this rule is applicable to all the students. However, the students who started their studies in or before Academic Year 109 will be allowed to follow either the old version or the new version of the rules.

Rules of Master Degree

Department of Applied Linguistics & Language Studies, Chung Yuan Christian University

Amendment approved by 109-2-2 University Affairs Meeting (1100630)


Article 1

All students that enroll in the Master program are advised to select their thesis supervisor by no later than the last week of their first semester of second school year. Generally, students should select an instructor of the Department as their supervisor. A joint supervisor outside the Department is possible if needed, while the student should provide written statement and related general data of the designated instructor for examination.

Article 2

The master degree examinations are held in the manner of oral examinations, including prospectus and thesis defenses. Graduate students who have taken at least 30 credits (including the ones being taken in the very semester) may apply for the prospectus defense. Graduate students who have BOTH competed their thesis AND fulfilled the prescribed graduation requirements (see Article 7) may apply for the final thesis oral defense. The proposal and thesis should be written in English. If it is written in other languages, students must submit the application, which will be reviewed by the MA committee meeting.

Article 3

Committee members of prospectus defense are recruited by the chairperson of the department. Numbers of committee members should be 3 to 4 (with at least one external examiner). The defense shall be held in public as a principle. One of the oral examiners should be the supervisor of the candidate (including joint supervisor).

Article 4

For the prospectus defense, candidates should submit a proposal, written in English, in a structured format covering the following sections: (1) introduction, (2) literature review, (3) methodology and procedures, (4) reference, (5) expected results and research contributions, (6) potential difficulties and possible solution. All proposals need to consist of Section 1 to 4. Students can add Section 5 and 6 to their proposals when necessary, depending on the research topic.

Article 5

To conduct prospectus examination:

5.1 The examination session lasts for 60 to 90 minutes.

5.2 After the examination, examiners shall decide whether the candidate PASS or FAIL the examination anonymously. Students who fail their prospectus defense may apply for a second examination ONCE.

5.3 Registration dates for prospectus examination shall be two weeks prior to the examination date. When registering, students must submit a copy of their proposal to the department.

Article 6

The M.A. program emphasizes students’ professional knowledge in foreign language pedagogy, translation and interpretation, linguistics, foreign literature, cross-cultural and other foreign language related fields. Students’ topics and contents of their theses must conform to the above-mentioned professional fields. Candidates’ theses must be reviewed and approved by review committees before applying for the final defense.

6.1 A review committee should consist of three members. The chairperson of the department is the ex-officio member. All members must be qualified to be degree examiners.

6.2 Students have the right to appeal against the committee’s decision and provide written explanation for second review in accordance with the Degree Thesis Measurement of M.A./Ph.D. Program at CYCU.

6.3 If a student’s thesis deviates from the professional field of the M.A. program after the review, the candidate will be required to be examined again before the final defense.

Article 7

Students must submit at least ONE letter of acceptance from a peer-reviewed conference or journal. A conference presentation certificate should be provided when a conference is organized by institutions other than CYCU before apply for the degree examination. The conference paper and journal paper should be written and presented in English.

Article 8

The prospectus and thesis defenses shall not be scheduled in the same semester. Exceptions can be made when a student:

1.        faces sudden family crisis;

2.        struggles with health problems (medical certificate required);

3.        proves excellence in research and is recommended by the supervisor.


Students who meet the above criteria may, with the consent from the supervisor and one of the committee members, submit their application along with a proposal draft (the draft of the first three chapters) and a proposed timetable for the thesis. Applications should be submitted in the final examination week of the semester prior to the one the defenses will be scheduled, which will be reviewed by the MA committee meeting.

Article 9

Technical Report

9.1 Students of the master’s track in Translation and Interpretation, who decide to write technical reports instead of theses, are required to submit proposals and pass the proposal review prior to their last semester of eligibility in the program.

9.2 The proposal must be reviewed by three proposed examiners. The qualifications of proposed examiners should be equivalent to those required of thesis examiners. The process of technical report proposal examination is the same as the thesis proposal examination.

9.3 The topics and contents of technical reports must conform to the field of translation and interpretation. Students should follow one of the two categories below.

(1) Researchers could investigate problems or issues found in the existing translations with relevant theories, and propose self-translated versions with commentaries that explain why certain strategies or techniques can improve the existing translations. The research project should be creative in the field of translation studies.

(2) Researchers could choose to translate or interpret works that have never been translated and apply relevant theories to analyze their own translations. Students should also evaluate the product of their translations by applying more strategic solutions to achieve better translation result.

9.4 In accordance with Article 10 “Regulations Governing the Conferral of Degrees and Alternatives to Submission of a Master’s Degree Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation” , the technical reports should follow the structured format covering the following sections: (1) Introduction, (2) Literature Review, (3) Discussion, and (4) Conclusion.

Article 10

The degree examination is held according to the University Regulations on Master Degree Examinations.

Article 11

These regulations are implemented after being passed by the 109-2-2 University Affairs Meeting. When revised, the same procedure will apply. From Fall Semester, Academic Year 110, this rule is applicable to all the students.

Thesis Proposal Review Sheet


Grading Sheet of Thesis Examination

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