Chung Yuan Christian University Department of Applied Linguistics and Language Studies (ALLS), The Next Generation Foreign Language Department Out of Your Imagination


Full and solid English skills training:

We provide solid training including specialized domains such as foreign language teaching and translation/interpretation.

3 years learning a second foreign language:

Students must choose between Japanese, Spanish, German, French, and finish 24 credits of mandatory courses in 3 years. After the training, students will possess language skills close to those in the departments of the above languages.

Interdisciplinary technology and management program:

We have collaborated with the Colleges of Engineering and Business, and designed ESP Program in Technology and Management.

Curriculum Focuses on Practices, Values Interdisciplinary Talents and Employment Competitiveness

We are Department of Applied Linguistics and Language Studies, and our curriculum focuses on students’ performance in the workplace. Students will be guided to actively engage in interdisciplinary learning (ESP Program in Technology and Management, minor or double-major) by the design of credits requirement. Work-related programs (Live ABC English Teaching Employment Program/Translation and Interpretation Industry Service) are also recommended to students to enhance their competence.

A Choice Set Between English Major and Second Foreign Language Major.

Our department majors in English, but students are required to finish a 3-year second foreign language (including Japanese, Spanish, German, and French) training. They are also required to take conversation courses with foreign instructors and grammar courses every semester. We plan to set a graduation threshold for second foreign languages so that students will have a language capability close to that of the second foreign language graduates. Our department is the most unique among nationwide foreign language departments, and the only choice between English major and second foreign language major.

Graduates' Excellent Performance at the Workplace

Our graduates have diverse career choices, and outstanding competence. Surveys over the years show our graduates are highly satisfied with the training in our department, are highly praised by employers, and have decent starting salary.

New Fully Equipped Classrooms

We have new classrooms with full equipment, including one of the best interpretation classrooms in Taiwan, the most advanced English listening classroom, discussion rooms for our students, and multimedia computer classrooms.

Convenient Transportation and Accommodation

Our campus lies in Zhongli District and is convenient for both transportation and everyday life. The school buses inside the campus can directly arrive at Zhongli or Taipei Station. Taoyuan HSR station is also in Zhongli District. The dormitories for freshmen are completely enough. At the same time, there are many affordable house choices near the campus. We are a much more economical choice as compared to the colleges in Taipei.

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