【Call for Papers】《The 24th International Conference and Workshop on TEFL & Applied Linguistics》Department of Applied English, Ming Chuan University

Conference Theme

Exploring English Education in the Post-Pandemic Era: Reflection and Prospect


Plenary Speakers

  • James P. Lantolf, Greer Professor Emeritus in Language Acquisition &Applied Linguistics, Emeritus

The Pennsylvania State University

Distinguished Professor, Beijing Language and Culture University

Topic: Why Is There No Unified Theory of Second Language Acquisition? Some Speculations

  • Ernesto Macaro, Emeritus Professor of Applied Linguistics and a Senior Research Fellow at Worcester College, University of Oxford, UK

Topic: Important Questions That English Medium Instruction Research Needs to Answer

  • Ingrid Piller, Distinguished Professor, Linguistic Department, Macquarie University, Australia

Topic: Linguistic and Epistemic Justice in Applied Linguistics

  • Ru Su (蘇怡如), Professor, Department of Foreign Languages & Literature, National Tsing Hua University

Topic: Multi-competence Perspectives on Second Language Acquisition

  • Wu-Chang Chang (張武昌), Adjunct Professor, National Taiwan Normal University and Ming Chuan University

Topic: “Bilingual Education” for Taiwanese Primary School Students: For Better or For Worse?

  • One-Soon Her (何萬順), Chair Professor, Graduate Institute of Linguistics, National Chengchi University

Topic: A Stairway to Heaven? Social Attitudes and English Language Policies in Taiwan



  • Rae Lan(藍蕾), Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics, National Taipei University

Topic: Incorporating Thought Question Activity as a Strategy for Collaborative, Experiential and Autonomous Learning



  • Wenli Tsou(鄒文莉),Director &Professor, Foreign Languages & Literature Department, National Cheng Kung University

  • Yi-ping Huang(黃怡萍), Associate Professor, Department of English, National Chengchi University

  • Lu-Chun Lin(林律君), Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of TESOL & Language Teaching and Research Center, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Topic: The ESP teachers’ role in EMI Professional development


  • Hao Jan Chen(陳浩然), Distinguished Professor, Department of English, National Taiwan Normal University

Theme: Technologies and Language Learning

Colloquium members and topics: TBA


Papers will be considered for review and published by the Journal of Applied English.


Important dates

  • Abstract due: December 1st, 2022 (abstract of no more than 300 words plus CV via email: mcuaeic@gmail.com)

  • Acceptance notification: December 13th, 2022【If abstracts are accepted】

  • Full paper deadline: January 10th, 2023 (10 pages maximum, single-spaced)

  • Acceptance notification: February 1st, 2023


Conference venue: Ji He Location of Ming Chuan University, Taipei

Conference Convener: Dr. Chaochang Wang

Conference Organizer: Dr. TsaiJen-Chieh

Contact person: Tonya Chang (mcuaeic@gmail.com)

Tel: 886-3 350-7001 ext. 3211~3 Fax: 886-3-359-3870

Website: http://web.dae.mcu.edu.tw



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