110-1 Application of Thesis Final Defense and Information of Departure Procedure

Application date: 2nd November, 2021 ~ 30 November, 2021

(Due for thesis final defense: 31 January, 2022.)


Degree Examination system:
Log in i-touch >Office of Academic Affairs > Curriculum and Registration Division >Degree Exam System


Only those who meet the graduation requirements could apply for the thesis final defense online.
After the application and the paper comparison report (from CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library) are signed to the advisor, the application will be sent to the department office to signing. (The comparison report is retained by the advisor)



Paper Comparison Report

For English thesis

Turnitin論文原創性比對系統 (Please contact the administrator of ALLS)


For Chinese thesis

  1. 快刀中文論文原創性比對系統



  1. SYMSKAN文獻相似度檢索平台



Those who have already submitted their application for degree examination application this semester but fail to have their exam must apply for a withdrawal online and get advisor’s signature. The application will be sent to the department office to signing before Jan. 31, 2022.


For more information, please refer to attached “Notice of Degree examination Schedule” and “Format of Thesis and Information of Departure Procedure”


If you have any question about that, please contact ALLS office.

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