112-1 Application of Thesis Final Defense and Information of Departure Procedure

(1) Date for application: October 23 – November 17, 2023

(2) Due date for completing thesis final defense: January 31, 2024

(3) Inquiry: i-touch / Office of Academic Affairs / Curriculum & Registrar Section / Degree Exam/Degree Exam Application (Only those who meet the graduation requirements can go online and fill in degree examination application form.)

(4) After the application, the application formpaper comparison report (from CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library) and the attached “研究生論文審查_論文摘要說明” are signed by the advisor, the application will be sent to the department office. (The comparison report is retained by the advisor)

(5) Paper Comparison Report: Turnitin (please contact ALLS office before applying for the thesis final defense)

(6) The application for the degree examination could only be completed after obtaining the approval of the review of the specialty of the thesis by departmental thesis review committee. 

(7) From the 111-2 semester, the Oral Exam Committee Member Letter of Appointment has been changed to an electronic format, which can be downloaded or printed by students as needed to send it with the oral paper. Or the instructor provides the letter of engagement on the day of the oral exam. The letter of engagement could be regarded as the access pass on campus and sent by e-mail.

(8) Those who have already submitted their application for degree examination application this semester but fail to have their exam must go online to apply for a withdrawal, print it out, and get advisor’s signature, the application will be sent to the department office to signing before January 31, 2024.

(9) For more information, please refer to attached “Notice of Degree examination Schedule”, “Format of Thesis and Information of Departure Procedure”

Thesis Proposal Application

Please confirm that you fulfill all the requirements before the application of thesis proposal examination. Then, to arrange the date and venue with the department office 3 weeks prior to the examination date.

If you have any question about that, please contact ALLS office. The Student shall accept all the loss resulted from the uncompleted procedures for graduation.

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