Announcement of Course Selection Guideline & Schedule for the Fall semester of 2023

A.Course Selection System Path:

B.From 7/19, 2023, the course selection system opens “Pre-registration for Course Schedule” which assist students ininquiring, tracking courses,and viewing pre-arranged timetable before planning their course selection.

C.Course Registration from 8/2, 2023 to 9/19, 2023 are as follows: please refer to

    I.Students must register for courses as actively as possible during the 1st & 2nd stages Course Pre-registration. The order of registration has nothing to do with the selection of courses.

      There is no need to rush according to the principle of equality of opportunity.

    II.The 2nd Stage Course Pre-registration, students above Junior (Senior for the Department of Architecture and the Department of Finance and Law) could register the second general

      extended elective course (containing college-designated general ethics courses) and the second Religion course or Philosophy course.

    III.From 112-1 semester, the number of GE courses will still be increased to meet the needs of students. The knack to increase the chance of selection is making your selection widely, but not just choose popular courses.

    IV.During the 1st & 2nd stages Online Course Add/Drop, “General courses/Teacher Education Program” & “GE/Physical education/Military training courses” will take selection in two period orderly.

D.In the Course Inquiry, “Filter criteria” enters multiple conditions to assist students in choosing courses that they need. The “Frequently used pinning settings” can be automatically saved as the searching state you have used.

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