CYCU 2023-2024 Academic Year (Fall semester) Registration Note for Current Students

CYCU 2023-2024 Academic Year (Fall Semester) Registration Note for Current Students 

RegistrationCompleting the payment of Tuition and Miscellaneous fees within the designated deadline is considered as completing the registration without being on campus.

Tuition Fee and Credit Fee PaymentTermFrom August 7th (Mon.) to September 6th (Wed.), 2023.

★The Deadline for making up the registration(The deadline formaking the supplementary tuition and credit fees):On September 18th, those who haven’t paid the tuition within the time limit will be withdrawn according to Article 10 of the CYCU Academic Policies.

★Those who need to obtaina Student ID card registration sticker should go to the counter of the Administration and Services Center on the firstfloor of Dickson Lee Hall from September 11th, 2023 until beforethe midterm exam period.

★Date of formal classes:September 11th, 2023 (Monday)

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