【111-2 semester CYCU Graduation Certificate Collection and Issuance for Digital Certificate of Degree】

I. For detailed information on the Graduation Certificate issuance process, please refer to Attachments 1(Undergraduate) and 2(Postgraduate). Graduates can check the status of the school-leaving procedures through the following two paths:

    A.Log in to iTouch/Academic Affairs Office/Graduation Qualification Inquiry

    B.Go to the CYCU homepage/Quick link/Graduate website/Graduation Qualification Inquiry

II. After receiving the hardcopy diploma, the Curriculum & Registration Division will send the DCD to graduates’ email within 7 working days. Students must be sure to provide an active personal e-mail account when revising their mailbox. Please refer to Attachments 3 and 4 for details on CYCU Issuance and Instructions for DCD.

III. In order to conduct the Advanced Subjects Test for Academic Year 2023 commissioned by MOE, the school will not accept school leaving procedures and issue graduation certificates on July 12&13 while classes are as usual.

IV. Graduates authorizing someone to receive the diploma on their behalf need to download the “Letter of Authorization” which is referred to in Attachment 5.

V. For the above information, students can download it from the CYCU Graduate website or Academic Affairs Office/Curriculum and Registration Division/Announcement.

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